SAYGOGO 676422229611 Nylon Portable Parachute Hammock, Heavy-Duty, Compliant with Camping, Backpacking Travel, 106.3 x 55.1"

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PART NUMBER : 676422229611

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 55.1 x 0.1 x 106.3 inches

SIZE : 106.3 x 55.1"

WEIGHT : 0.06 kg

  • High-quality materials: made of 210T nylon spinning, comfortable and breathable, not easy to fade, wear resistance up to 100, 000 times, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, easy to clean
  • Multi-purpose: compliant with outdoor Entertainment, camping, backpacking travel, park, beach, courtyard, adults and children can use
  • Convenient to carry: connected storage bag, reinforced straps, small size, easy to carry out, enjoy the fun of hammocks at any time
  • Reinforcement and upgrade: metal carabiner, anti-fracture, encrypted woven nylon rope, wear-resistant, quick installation, safer and safer to use
  • Products included: one hammock, Two8 cmiron hooks, two two-meter nylon ropes (500kg load-bearing), one piece storage bag

If you like camping outdoors or enjoy outdoor activities, you must not miss our outdoor double hammock. The hammock is a light and easy-to-carry bedding in the field. Our tea farmers are made of 210T nylon spinning, which is a good choice for people to rest and Sleep during their travel or leisure time. If you want to use a hammock to camp in the wild, the hammock will have a large curvature. You should try to adjust the degree of bending of the hammock so that you can feel more comfortable during Sleep. When using a hammock outside, care must be taken to prevent Mosquito bites, and you should also be protected from rain. When using a hammock in the wild, you must pay attention to preparing a plastic film that is slightly longer than the hammock. When it is raining, you only need to cover it on the hammock, so you can get the rainproof effect. When using a hammock, special care must be taken to prevent Mosquito bites. The cotton strips sprayed with insecticide can be wrapped around the sides of the hammock, which can effectively prevent Mosquito bites. Tips: always check the ropes at both ends to prevent excessive wear. It is forbidden to swing back and forth in a large amount to avoid unnecessary damage Caused by the rapid breakage of the ropes at both ends. Please pay attention to personal safety during leisure and entertainment.