Brand : Schutt

Scorpion Double Knee LG 13" (EA)

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BRAND : Schutt

COLOR : Black

MANUFACTURER : Schutt Sports

PART NUMBER : 1264790606

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 28 x 10 x 5 inches

SIZE : 14"

WEIGHT : 1 Pounds

  • Contoured knee cap gives you a flatter, more stable Landing area
  • More coverage for the inside of the knee when dropping to block ball
  • Optimized shin plate. Energy Lock Technology
  • New design gives additional protection to your ankles, with side padding built right in
  • The double-flex option is lighter and less bulky. Ideal for Youth players

Optimized hard shell coverage with perforated padding created protection and weighs 21 l;ess than traditional leg guards Maximum knee and leg coveragePowered by D30 energy lock technology