Brand : Segway

Segway Ninebot Engine Speaker for KickScooter Self-Balancing Scooter Electric Motorbike Ninebot GoKart Electric Bike, Portable Wireless Speakers Bluetooth, IP55 Waterproof, Black

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BRAND : Segway


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 8.3 x 7.7 x 24.8 cm

SIZE : Small

WEIGHT : 0.72 kg

  • Engine Sound Simulation System: The built-in engine sound simulation system can simulate the realistic engine roar based on the vehicle's accelerator, brake, speed, and other signals, and truly reproduce 4 different engine sound effects.
  • Compatible with Multiple Ninebot Products: Whether you are driving a go-kart or self-balancing scooter, e scooters, or electric bikes, you can feel the surging momentum of super running. Please find the user manual for specific models and other details.
  • HIFI Sound Quality: 4x8W Ru-iron-boron strong magnetic large-diameter speakers, multi-directional sound field design, coupled with specially tuned sound effect algorithms, bring more stable bass, clear treble, and full vocals.
  • Portable & Easy Installation: With a speaker base, it helps the engine speaker to be more stable and easier to install and remove. No matter where you are at home or traveling, use it as a bluetooth speaker.
  • Warranty: Metallic exterior with outstanding texture; USB Type-C port is more convenient to plug and unplug. One-year or 180-day for different parts, please refer to information in product details below, contact us at if you have any problems.

Ninebot Engine Speaker compatible with multiple Ninebot products- Gokart Series, KickScooters, eMoped, eScooter, Self-balancing Vehicles. *for specific models please see the user manual for more details.