Brand : Select

Select 4'x6' Heavy-Duty Vinyl Backstop for Baseball/Softball, Batting Cage Backdrop and Net Saver

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BRAND : Select

COLOR : Black


PART NUMBER : 4333737711

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 13.5 x 8.5 x 2.1 inches

WEIGHT : 1.13 Kilograms

  • PROTECTS YOUR CAGE NET – A batting cage is a big investment, and the SELECT Backstop is built to protect your cage for the long haul. Weighing 17 lbs, this net saver is made of durable vinyl and a protective inner core. This backstop is constructed for both residential and commercial use. Save your cage with Vanta Sports.
  • TARGETED PITCHING & BATTING PRACTICE – Whether it’s your thousandth pitch or your first time up to bat, this targeted backstop will work for you. The rectangular target helps you place your pitches and build your batting precision. The backstop keeps balls from cluttering the field and lengthens the life your cage and netting. It takes the hassle of cleanup out of practice, so you can stay focused on the next pitch.
  • ABSORBS IMPACT – This long-lasting backstop absorbs the impact of hit balls and pitches over rounds of extended practice. The backstop provides an efficient thud sound to signal your most powerful pitches. Use your batting cage for years to come with this heavy-duty Vanta Sports protective backstop.
  • EASY TO HANG – With durable grommets, this backstop is user-friendly and ideal for hanging. Designed to preserve your netting, these backstops should be hung from the cage frame. The backdrop hangs loose behind the batter, absorbing the hardest hit balls.
  • ACTION SPORTS DIFFERENCE – Constructed with the highest-quality materials available, Action Sports gear and accessories will transform how you train. Our backstops are perfect for training facilities, colleges & universities, high schools, little league programs, and more. These products make practice efficient and convenient, so you can focus on being your best.

“The Professional's Choice”  Constructed of sleek vinyl and a protective inner core, Action Sports targeted backstops are made to absorb the impact of the hardest hit balls. Their long life expectancy and superior impact absorption sets them apart from the competition. Whether it’s your thousandth pitch or your first time up to bat, Select is made for you. For your Select backstop to operate at its best, follow these guidelines. Do not hang your backstop from the batting cage netting. Hang your backstop from your frame. Never stretch your backstop tight. If stretched tight, pitching machine balls could rip your backstop. Use the handy bottom grommets for loosely tying the backstop in windy weather to help keep it in place. Don't have a batting cage? Hang this backstop from a tree or any creative structure you might make from scraps around the garage or house. Frame is not included or required. You will need to provide rope, net clips, zip ties, or any other type of material to hang the backstop."