Brand : Cardinal Tackle

Shark Rig - 480# Cable 20/0 Circle Hook

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BRAND : Cardinal Tackle

COLOR : Bright

ITEM WEIGHT : 3.2 ounces

MANUFACTURER : Cardinal Tackle

PART NUMBER : 4336345440

  • Cable Shark Rig
  • 480# Test Stainless Steel Cable (Bright)
  • 20/0 Carbon Steel Inline Circle Hook
  • 4/0 Rosco Brass Swivel
  • Double Crimped Hook & Swivel w/ Heat Shrink Tubing

This Listing is for our 20/0 carbon steel inline circle hook shark rig (480# test, 7x7 49-strand construction bright stainless steel cable). Our shark rigs start with an eleven foot piece of 49 strand stainless steel cable and are double crimped with brass sleeves to a commercial carbon steel circle hook and 4/0 Rosco Brass Swivel. The finished rig is ten feet long which keeps most sharks far enough away from your mainline but is manageable enough at the side of the boat. Like all of our rigs, each one is made by hand in the USA. A key feature to all Cardinal Tackle Shark Rigs is the protected connections. After double-crimping the hook and swivel on our benchtop press, we cover it with a short length of heat shrink tubing. The heat shrink tubing: (1) in the event of a tangle or crossed liens, it prevents frayed ends of shark wire cutting up your monofilament | (2) helps protect your hands when leadering or even just changing baits | (3) less damage to soft baits if you bury the hook | (4) cuts down on nasty pieces of old bait fish stuck to your rig if you have to put it away for another trip. Folks also use these rigs for land based shark fishing with a heavy monofilament leader. This non-stainless, non-offset, circle hook shark rig is New York E. C. L. § 13-0338 compliant.