Brand : Shoeless Joe Gloves

SHOELESS JOE 32" Professional Series Baseball Catcher's Mitts, Left Hand Throw

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BRAND : Shoeless Joe Gloves

GENDER : unisex


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9 x 6 x 12 inches

SIZE : 32-Inch

WEIGHT : 0.51 kg

  • TEEN TO ADULT SIZE – Catcher’s mitts – ages 9-12, 13 (32”and 34” correspondingly) and up
  • MATERIAL & DESIGN - Special aged soft antique tobacco leather with classic open back and closed web style
  • INTENDED FOR - Professional break-in process, it is a great glove for catchers
  • FEATURES - Individually hand-cut and sewn, keeps its shape and structure for many seasons
  • FIT - Left-Hand Throw (Item goes on the right hand), Right-Hand Throw (Item goes on the left hand)
  • "Field Ready" Shoeless Joe Gloves require little or no break in time
  • Made from 100% Antique Tobacco Tanned cowhide & hand rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather
  • Shoeless Joe Ball Gloves have that "Game Worn" look but are designed and ready to take to the field at any level of play


Professional Series – 32-Inch diameter catcher’s mitt is made from 100% Steerhide leather, using our unique tobacco tanning process. The 32-inch catcher’s glove is designed to better accommodate the pre-teen (9-12) athlete’s hand, allowing the catcher to receive and hold the ball in the gloves web. Like all Shoeless Joe Professional Series gloves, the 32″ catcher’s mitt is easily broken in and quickly game ready.

The 34-Inch diameter Professional Series Catcher’s Mitt not only looks great, but will provide your ball player with a quality piece of equipment that can serve them season after season. Almost every play on the field involves your catcher, and most every play will involve his catcher’s mitt. Our pocket and softer hinge can allow you to make every catch and the confidence to make every play from behind the plate. Included in all Shoeless Joe, Professional Series baseball gloves is XRD foam for Extreme Impact Protection and ball catching comfort.

Important tips on how to care for a Shoeless Joe Ball Glove

1. Make sure the hand is positioned as deep as possible inside the glove, and then play serious catch for about 30 minutes. The glove will usually then be “Field Ready”

2. Always store a Shoeless Joe ball glove with a ball inside the pocket, and secure the ball with a rubber band or other elastic device that wraps around the glove. This process will help maintain the gloves shape

3. While being worn, make sure that the hand and fingers are inserted into the glove as far as possible. This will help form the pocket and correctly close the glove when receiving a ball

4. Regularly inspect a glove to make sure that all of the laces are securely tied with a square knot. Two or three times a year inspect and tighten the laces. This will help the glove maintain its pocket. It is not uncommon to have to replace laces after a couple of years of play.

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