Brand : Silverback Tackle Company

Silverback Tackle Company %u2013 50 PC Spinning Crappie Jig Heads (Underspin)

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BRAND : Silverback Tackle Company

COLOR : 1/16 White W/Spinner

MANUFACTURER : Silverback Tackle Company


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 5 x 3 x 1 inches

WEIGHT : 0.27 Pounds

  • 50 PC Crappie / Panfish / Bass Big Eye Round Jig Heads Kit - 3 Popular Sizes of Crappie Jigs for Fishing to Keep You Fishing and Keep Your Slabs on the Line with Laser Sharp Hooks.
  • 5 Vibrant Eye-Catching Colors Available as Assortment or 50 Jig Heads of a Solid Color - Orange | Hot Pink | Chartreuse | Black | White | Assortment (10 Underspin Jig Heads of Every Color).
  • Crappie Jig Heads Available with Spinner - 1/32 Ounce Jig Heads - 1/16 Ounce Jig Heads - 1/8 Ounce Jig Heads- All with Big Jig Eyes to Drive the Crappie | Panfish Wild.
  • Crappie are Predatory Fish who Prefer to Ambush Their Next Meal. Throw These Big Eyed Crappie Jig Heads Equipped with an Underspinning Blade to Illicit a Strike On Your Line!
  • Ideal for Crappie | Panfish | Bluegill | Bass Both During the Spawn and for Ice Fishing. Crappie Jigheads are a Staple Lure | Bait Throughout the Year.

Silverback Tackle Company - 50 PC Crappie / Panfish / Bass Big Eye Round Jig Heads Kit. Available in the traditional round jig head with a big eye and with an Indiana under spinner blade. The flash of the vibrant eye catching colors and the vibration from the Indiana blade underspinner will drive the crappie, panfish, or bass wild. 3 Sizes Available 1/8 Oz Jig Head, 1/16 Oz Jig Head, and 1/32 Oz Jig Head. All sizes available with the under spinner blade. 6 Color Options available. Assortment Contains 5 Colors of Crappie Jig Heads. (White, Black, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Fluorescent Orange. All colors also available in 50 packs as the traditional round head jig and with the added attraction of the underspinner. Hooks are extremely strong and lazer sharp. These jig heads are a magnet to slay the Crappie / Bluegill / Panfish / Bass / Perch This Season. Perfect for Ice Fishing and Spring Spawn.