SINGMATOOLS 100 PCS Fishing Snaps Speed Clips Fishing Tackle Quick Snap Fishing Snap Swivels Fishing Lure Connector Saltwater Freshwater Fast Change Fishing Clips

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 2.72 x 2.05 x 0.63 inches

SIZE : Size #2(62lb) 100 PCS

WEIGHT : 0.02 Kilograms

  • High strength 304H stainless steel fishing snaps with duo lock design, mini shape makes it easy to attach with fishing lures, pre-rigged jigs, swiwbait,crankbait, softbait,fishing learders, spoons more easier and hooks attach to your fishing rod. Excellent corrosion resistance,easy to tie with fishing line connector, no worries for long time kasting in freshwater, even in saltwater fishing
  • Durable: Ultra strong crankbait snaps, trotline clips, solid stainless fishing snaps bending technology makes it easy connect with ball bearing swivels,fishing spinner,softbait to create your own professional fishing gear, it will bring you more confidence while you're fighting with the big fish, won't let it go
  • Designed for fisherman: Easy to carry fishing snaps, fisherman friendly twitch clips with easy lock and unlock fishing clips change your fishing lures, swimbaits, pre-rigged jig head soft fishing lures, jigging Spoons, paddle tail swimbaits and leaders rapidly. Fishing snaps,accessories,powder clips in your tackle box
  • Wild applications: This power clips fishing accessories are designed and intended for speed up to change fishing lures time saver for fisherman. Great for onshore and offshore fishing, saltwater freshwater for bass fishing
  • Value pack and various sizes: 100 pieces per box, spend less to obtain your own fishing tackle. With 7 sizes from #0 to #6, pull strength from 33lb to 132lb for your preference. Size #2, length: 0.67 inch, pull strength: 62 lb