Brand : Game Development Group

Stare Family Board Game - 3rd Edition for Ages 14 to Adult

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BRAND : Game Development Group

MANUFACTURER : Game Development Group


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9.75 x 3.38 x 9.75 inches

WEIGHT : 453.59

  • STARE! Family Board Game - 3rd Edition is better than ever, with all new image cards and questions designed to challenge families and adults.
  • A blank stare won’t do in this fun and challenging board game – you’ll need to think while you gaze.
  • Are you up for the challenge? Quickly - you have 20 seconds to stare at the image on the card. It might be an amusing illustration, a poster, a comic, a funny photo, a work of art, or something else.
  • When the timer runs out, you’ll be asked a series of questions about the image: Who is the woman talking to at the party? Which animal is wearing sunglasses? etc. How much can you recall? Answer correctly and you keep going. You can adjust for different levels of play - experts try a 10-second time limit, novices try 30-seconds.
  • For 2 to 6 players/teams. Ages 14 to Adult. STARE! FAMILY EDITION Board Game is a popular pick for Party and Family Game Night! SCROLL DOWN THE PRODUCT PAGE TO SEE MORE IMAGES, DETAILS AND DESCRIPTIONS.