Brand : Stokes Firestarters

Stokes All-Natural Firestarters - Sustainable, No-Smell, No-Residue Fire Starter - Made in USA

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BRAND : Stokes Firestarters

MANUFACTURER : Stokes Firestarters

PART NUMBER : 881314884339

  • NO HASSLE - Stokes All-Natural Firestarters are the easiest way to quickly start a fire, no kindling required!
  • LONG BURN TIME - Each firestarter can burn from 12-14 minutes, meaning you'll get your fire started every time.
  • NO KINDLING - Gathing kindling is a time-consuming, difficult, and sometimes illegal process! Stokes allows you to start a roaring fire without any of the hassle.
  • WATER-PROOF - If you've ever tried to start a fire in the rain, you know how difficult it can be. These firestarters are waterproof and will work in harsh weather conditions.
  • MADE IN USA - These firestarters are proudly manufactured in Massachusetts.MADE IN USA - These firestarters are proudly manufactured in Massachusetts.
  • Brand: Stokes Firestarters
**Quite simply, the best sustainable, no-smell, no-residue fire starter on the market.**
Now a High School student, Adam started making the firestarters as holiday gifts several years ago. Using some saved egg cartons, lint from the dryer and melted candle stubs, he created “egg-nighters”, as they were called by the family. They worked so well, that the one year he didn’t make them, relatives offered him money to make some more. This led Adam to experiment with how to make an even better firestarter. What developed into a product called Stokes is now sold in almost 1,000 stores across the United States and Canada.
**Ingredients:** Made from food grade paraffin, pulp & sustainably harvested sawdust. Pet safe - there are 12 fire starters per box and 144 per case, each with a burn time of 12 -14 minutes.