Brand : Storex

Storex Wiggle Stool %u2013 Active Flexible Seating for Classroom and Home Study, Adjustable 12-18 Inch Height, Yellow (00303U01C)

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BRAND : Storex

COLOR : Yellow



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 13 x 13 x 18 inches

SIZE : 12 - 18 Inch

STYLE : 18-inch

WEIGHT : 5.75 pounds

  • Adjustable seat height between 12 and 18 inches
  • Integrated handles for easy carrying, even for smaller children
  • Tamper-proof height adjustments to prevent distractions
  • Angled base for improved posture, balance and stability
  • Soft, extra-thick cushion provides comfort and support for all-day use

This Storex Wiggle Stool features a thick and soft cushion up top that makes a very comfortable seat your child can sit on all day. Kids can wiggle, wobble, move side-to-side, back and forth without fear of tipping over. The rubberized bottom of our stool ensures that it remains under your child without slipping. The base also protects against scratching the floor tiles, wood, carpets or whichever surface it is on. Featuring an adjustable seat height of 12-18" in 2-inch increments, these wiggling chairs grow with your child, making it perfect for kids of age 6 upwards. Adjusting the height is also quick and easy, while its tamper-proof design ensures it cannot be adjusted while in use. This stool effectively turns conventional sitting into a calorie-burning activity with constant core engagement, something that energetic kids will certainly appreciate. It also provides an outlet to move around without distracting other students or co-workers. With a weight of about 6lbs, this Storex Wiggle Stool is perfectly light and portable that a child can easily move it around.