Brand : On The Ball Bowling

Strikeforce Bowling NFL Miami Dolphins On Fire Undrilled Bowling Ball

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BRAND : On The Ball Bowling

PART NUMBER : NFL161661846

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9 x 9 x 9 inches

WEIGHT : 5.4 kg

  • Officially Licensed NFL Logos
  • USBC Approved
  • Made of Polyester
  • Undrilled Bowling Ball
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, & 16lb

The ever popular NFL Bowling Balls have all new designs. These designs were approved by the NFL in late 2019. This is part of the NFL On Fire Collection. Every several years a new design is released. This item is a regulation size 10 pin bowling ball and is USBC Sanctioned for use in league and tournament play. This can also be purchased and used as a personal collectible item. This bowling ball has exclusive and NFL licensed 360 degree, limited edition graphics. This bowling ball is perfect for the recreational bowler or beginner. This also works well for experienced bowlers who want to throw the ball straight at spares. This ball is made of a high quality polyester material and the actual image is embedded into the surface of the ball. Manufacturing note: The bowling ball is a 100 percent white ball when it start. . During the manufacturing process, there is a high quality, colorful image that is pressed and heat sealed into the ball. The 1st half is completed and then the ball is turned over and the 2nd half is then completed. With this type of process, there is a small line through the center of the ball where the two images overlap. This still goes with the color scheme of the ball, however, it will be slightly noticeable but in no way affects the performance or durability of the ball. There is also a very small circle where a pin actually holds the ball in place in the mold during the manufacturing. This is also covered with the color scheme of the ball and is normal. All balls are marked USBC approved and also has a unique serial number on the ball. Per the manufacturer, there is no on 6lb balls.