Surgoal HD PRO Golf Laser Range Finder 1200 YD / 3600 FT Distance Measure for Golfing Slope ON/Off Pin-Seeker Flag-Lock JOLT-Vibrate

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COLOR : White & Black

MANUFACTURER : Longshuo Technology Co.

PART NUMBER : GS-1-1200yard

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 5.67 x 4.53 x 0.98 inches

WEIGHT : 5.65 Ounces

  • PRECISION ACCURACY: Our range finders are designed to pinpoint up to 1200 yards or 3600 feet and feature a ±0.5 yard measuring accuracy.
  • ALL FEATURES NEEDED FOR GOLFING: Continuous Scan, Pin-sensor, Flag-Lock with Vibration, Slope Compensation, Angle Measurement, etc.
  • TOURNAMENT LEGAL: You can always turn off the Golf/Slope feature to make your tournament play legal. In this mode, the device displays only the distance between two points.
  • 6X ADJUSTABLE ZOOM: Diopter adjusts focal length up to 6 X for more accurate measurements.
  • SECURITY: For your health and safety, we use a multi-coating lens to prevent unwanted eye glare, lens scratches, reflection, radiation, and fogging.