Brand : Swiss Stop

SwissStop RacePro Brake Pads (Fits Campagnolo), 4 Pads (complete bike)

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BRAND : Swiss Stop

COLOR : Yellow King

ITEM WEIGHT : 0.8 ounces



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 4.0 x 3.8 x 0.6 inches

SIZE : One Size

  • Fits CAMP 10/11sp
  • High performance compound for carbon wheels
  • Excellent stopping power wet and dry with superior modulation and low pad wear rates
  • Rim: Carbon
  • Package includes 4 pads

The simple story of SwissStop's new RacePro Blue Extreme Performance (BXP) Brake Pads for alloy surfaces is that they deliver more power with less required lever force, in both wet and dry conditions. SwissStop's parent company, Rex Articoli, is a specialist in technical rubber compounds. And several years ago, it invested in new machinery and materials in order to further develop and refine the BXP compound for alloy surfaces. The goal was simple: Provide greater power and modulation, while maintaining durability and limiting brake squeal. Now, a few years later, the proof is in the testing. To go from 60 to 0 km/h in dry conditions, BXP Pads required only 35 meters. That's eight fewer than its GHP II Pads, and much fewer than the competition. When 180 Newtons (N) of force were exerted on the brake lever, BXP Pads produced 800N of braking force -- a 200N improvement over GHP II. Additionally, the response of BXP is more linear, meaning that there's no sudden grabbing. From pad engagement to wheel lockout, the harder you squeeze, the more you slow. The SwissStop RacePro BXP Brake Pads come in a complete set of four pads, and are designed to be used with Campagnolo brakes. For Shimano/SRAM, choose the FlashPro BXP Pads.