Brand : Cando Store

The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weight for Yoga, Dance, Running, Cardio, Aerobics, Toning, and Physical Therapy.

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BRAND : Cando Store

COLOR : 2.5 lb - Red

ITEM WEIGHT : 40.0 ounces


PART NUMBER : 10-0206

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12.0 x 0.5 x 4.25 inches

SIZE : 2.5 lb

The Cuff Original Rehabilitation Ankle and Wrist Exercise Weights are great for enhancing the strength of your body, toning your muscles and for your overall fitness. These cuff weights are durable, compact, and size adjustable, making them the ideal addition to increase resistance and improve the effectiveness of any exercise or workout routine. These weights fit most users. They are flexible and contoured to fit snuggly. They provide a secure and comfortable weight addition to ankles, wrists or thighs. With 20 color- coded weights available, ranging from 0.25 (white) to 25 pounds (green), they are a perfect addition to any home workout regimen involving walking, biking, jogging, etc... Add resistance to standard exercises for even deeper workouts. They are so comfortable and convenient you can even wear them under clothes. The various weights allow you to CUSTOMIZE your own workout and training. Durable enough for fitness centers, physical therapy clinics and rehabilitation centers, this line of weights are a great addition to your home gym. Ideal for any athletic training exercises or rehabilitation. With a portable design, the cuffs are made from a breathable, easy-to-clean vinyl and the double stitching allows for great durability, even after repeated workouts. With hook and loop fasteners and the included long closure strap, these weights are comfortable and secure. Ankle and wrist weights increase the effectiveness of your workout and are a terrific asset to help strengthen your muscles and build stamina. These Cuff exercise weights are ideal to use while walking and shopping, making everything you do an opportunity to stay healthy and fit. The fully adjustable Cuff Weights are color-coded, sold individually or in convenient sets, and marked with pounds and kilograms. Grommets on each weight allow for hanging and easy storage on any rack.