Brand : Unexpected Games

The Initiative Board Game | Strategy Game | Narrative Puzzle Game | Escape Room Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 8 and up | 1 to 4 Players | Average Playtime 30 – 60 Minutes | Made by Unexpected Games

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BRAND : Unexpected Games



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 11.63 x 11.63 x 2.88 inches

WEIGHT : 1397.06

  • Thrilling Puzzle Game: In 1994, Four Teenagers Find A Mysterious Game At A Yard Sale. As They Play It, They Discover It Is Strangely Connected To Their Lives. What Will They Risk To Unravel The Secrets Of The Initiative
  • Unlock The Mystery: Before Each Game, Read A Page Of The Comic To Set The Stage. After Each Game, Discover Secrets And Crack Codes To Uncover The Purpose Of The Initiative
  • Cooperative Game: Use Teamwork, Strategy, And Puzzle Solving To Complete Increasingly Challenging Missions
  • Easy To Learn: The Basics Of The Game Are Simple To Follow, But The Puzzles Increase In Complexity As The Game Progresses, Making This Game A Great Choice For A Fun Game Night With Friends And Family

"In 1994, four teenagers find a mysterious game at a yard sale. As they play it, they discover it is strangely connected to their lives. What will they risk to unravel the secrets of The Initiative? The Initiative is a unique cooperative board game of clever strategy, codebreaking, and visual storytelling."