Brand : Tightspot Quivers

Tightspot Quivers 5-Arrow Carbon Quiver

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BRAND : Tightspot Quivers

COLOR : Carbon

ITEM WEIGHT : 18.56 ounces

MANUFACTURER : Tightspot Quivers


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 24.0 x 9.25 x 2.25 inches

SIZE : Right

VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE HOOD: Made of a new space-age polymer, the hood on a TightSpot is so amazingly strong, you can drive over it with your truck! EXPANDABLES STAY CLOSED: Expandables tend to open when you bury them in foam. In a TightSpot, only the tip of the broadhead contacts the insert. This means no dull blades or accidentally opened expandables and an insert that outlasts foam 10 to 1! ONE-HANDED REMOVAL: A simple lift of the QuickLock cam disengages the TightSpot quiver from the dovetail base, allowing you to quickly remove the quiver or adjust its position with just one hand. No need to grab the hood and risk a sliced finger! QUICK DRAW SYSTEM: The arrow gripper nearest you faces back at you instead of off to the side like other grippers, meaning less conspicuous lateral movement when pulling another arrow. ROOMY & SAFE: Holds up to 5 arrows tight, eliminating lost or dropped arrows; the TightSpot hood is extra deep, so razor-sharp blades are not exposed. Sport type: hunting