Brand : Tourna

Tourna Vibrex Neon Tennis Vibration Dampeners, Neon Assorted, 3 Per Pack

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BRAND : Tourna


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 0.5 x 4 x 2 inches

WEIGHT : 0.01 kg

  • Dampen the vibration of your tennis strings with the Tourna Vibe
  • Contains 3 Neon dampeners
  • Dampeners fit in between the strings with a groove, so it does not Fall out
  • Premium silicone is very effective in ending string vibration and shock Absorption
  • Make a fun statement with the Neon colors

Vibe Neon Vibration Dampeners are meant to dampen the vibration from the tennis strings during hits. Without a dampener, you can audibly her the strings buzzing. With Vibe, the sound goes away and the result is a much more plush feeling and no distracting vibrations. The neon colors are fun, but the performance is second to none.