Brand : ToVii Store

ToVii Golf Towel Microfiber Waffle Pattern Club Groove Cleaner Brush Foldable Divot Tool with Magnetic Golf Gifts Accessories Set

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BRAND : ToVii Store

COLOR : Black

ITEM WEIGHT : 8.48 ounces


MATERIAL TYPE : Microfiber


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 11.1 x 9.0 x 1.3 inches

  • AMAZING 5 PACK GOLF GIFTS ACCESSORIES: 3*jumbo size professional, microfiber waffle weave golf towels + 1*Foldable Divot Tool + 1*Club Brush.
  • FOLDABLE DIVOT TOOL: Dimension 2 3/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch x 1/2 inch, avoid scratch in the pocket, Pop down button for easy unfolding. Full Metal with magnetic ball marker that attaches to the divot tool, easy push down to pop and reseat. Solid grip and feel.
  • CLUB BRUSH GROOVE PICK: Powerful brush that wipes off tough dirt easily for any iron/wood clubs without scratches. Sharp pick for tough dirt in grooves. Soft and firm grip with good ergonomic design for any weather conditions, 33 inch Retractable zip-line can be attached to the bag and easy for reach and use during the play.
  • Great Golf TOWEL: Microfiber with waffle design removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than cotton towels. With a heavy duty aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag.
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Microfiber Material absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry.
  • Brand: Visit the ToVii Store
Features: *ToVii Value pack contains microfiber towel, golf brush cleaner and foldable divot tool. *Waffle patterned microfiber towel catches and cleans better than cotton equivalents. *Golf Groove Cleaner offers two brushes for iron and woods. *Iron pick can also be used to clean groove and shoe bottoms. *Foldable Divot Tool has magnetic ball marker. *5 Pack offers basic needs for your clubs with little cost.