TRAININGMASK Elevation Training Mask 2.0 - for Endurance - Increase Your Sports Performance, Endurance, Weight Lifting, Workout, Running Altitude Mask, Fitness Running, Manufactured in USA

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COLOR : Small



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 7.3 x 5.3 x 4 inches

SIZE : Black

WEIGHT : 0.6 Pounds

  • FACE OF FITNESS: Training Mask is the pioneer and leader in fitness and sports performance
  • WORKOUT IN HIGH GEAR: Unlock your true potential through the power of respiratory muscle training
  • ATHLETES OF ALL LEVELS: Training Mask benefits everyone from the weekend warrior to pro athletes
  • ULTIMATE RESPIRATORY TRAINING: Features 6 Air Resistance Valve Caps, 3 Air Resistance Valve Bases

The Elevation Training Mask will give you a substantial edge in your workouts, strength, and breathing power. Oftentimes the only thing that separates someone who is really fit from someone who is getting in shape is how much work they can do and tolerate during an exercise session. If you can do more work and sustain that work load longer, you will be that much closer to fitness or athletic excellence. Training Mask can give you the stamina, endurance, and workout capacity you need to stay the course and get results. Functional innovation and excellence are the foundational values that guide Training Mask’s vision. Training Masks' relentless drive to innovate is matched only by their commitment to functional practicality. Innovation for its own sake may add little value in the attainment of our customer’s goals. It is for this reason that all concepts are vetted rigorously to ensure that every TrainingMask innovation fulfills a distinct purpose that can aide their customers in the pursuit of fitness and athletic excellence.