Brand : TRUVOY

TRUVOY Kneeling Chair - 20.5"x13.8"x43%u201D- Ergonomic Office Work Seating - Promotes Better Posture, Helps Back Pain Relief - Comfortable 5" Thick Cushion & Memory Foam - Easy to Assemble Saddle Chair

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COLOR : Black



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 30.6 x 19.12 x 8.8 inches

WEIGHT : 33.1 pounds

  • ✅ The King of Comfort - With its 5" thick PU leather cushion and memory foam, this chair reigns supreme when it comes to comfort. A layer of soft latex memory foam gel helps further support your buttocks.
  • ✅ Prioritize Your Posture - Improve your posture while sitting. The ergonomic design of this office chair keeps your spine aligned. The backrest provides full and comfortable support for your back.
  • ✅ Personalize Your Experience - Easily customize this ergonomic office chair to suit your needs. The knee pad, piston, top bar, and foot rest are all adjustable so you can sit the way you want to.
  • ✅ Get More Done - By promoting better circulation, this office desk chair helps boost your focus and productivity. No more distracting back pain and the constant need to get up and stretch.
  • ✅ Built To Last - With its solid build, this comfortable chair is designed to last many work hours. Its 1.5mm thick tubes add stability and durability–no wobbling or tilting while you're seated.

If you got a lot to bring to the table, you need to have a matching chair that can keep up with you. The feeling of cracking joints, stiff neck, aching back, and numb shoulders may be all too familiar if you work in front of a desk all day. Modern-day professionals require modern-day tools to be at their best.

You can't expect to do everything well if you're constantly distracted by discomfort and pain. Do you want to upgrade your work situation with one simple step?

The TRUVOY Kneeling Chair gives you full support so you can hit all your targets at work.

With the innovative kneeling chair, you upgrade your work setup and take better care of your body. The ergonomic design helps keep your spine properly aligned so you don't slowly hunch or slouch as the day goes on. The backrest offers full back and lumbar support which helps ease the pressure that leads to muscle pain.

Experience ultimate comfort throughout the day. This kneeling chair features a 5" thick cushion with memory foam. Find pressure relief and a snug fit whenever you sit. The cool, soft gel layer also helps regulate body heat so you don't feel hot and cramped after sitting for hours.

Personalize the chair to fit your needs and lifestyle. It offers a one-of-a-kind adjusting system: A 4-inch adjustable knee pad, 6 levels of adjustment for the top bar, 3 levels of adjustment for the footrest, and an adjustable piston. Heavy duty 1.5mm thick support tubes ensure you stay confident and stable while using the chair.

More reasons to upgrade your office chair:

✅ Maximum capacity: 330 lbs
✅ Sleek black color
✅ Easy assembly
✅ Includes productivity-boosting accessories: wooden roller, led lamp, ergonomic keyboard and mouse pad, posture corrector

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