VPX Pro Bands Improves Strength, Velocity, Power, Throwing, Hitting, & More | Specialized Resistance Set for Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Rotator Cuff Exercises, Workout, Physical Therapy, Sports

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  • COMPLETE SPORTS PERFORMANCE: Our Pro-Form specialized bands system keeps you in the game longer! For all athletes wanting more than just another band - increases arm speed, improves shoulder stability, builds rotator cuff strength, reduces arm injuries, improves blood flow, & speeds your recovery. For boys, girls, men, women, kids - beginner to advanced! Great for hitters, pitching, batting, hitting. Tball to pro!
  • TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED RESISTANT EXERCISE SYSTEM: Whether you are working out, strength training, or play baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, fitness, stretching, yoga, or gymnastics, we got you covered! Our 3X double wall, anti-snap pro bands are the smoothest bands in the industry. No recoil, bow back tension, reverb, or spring back of most other popular bands. Biggest ROMs in the industry with safety sleeves & hardened steel carabiners.
  • FIX IT ANYWHERE: Easy to use & compact. No learning curve. Straps, wraps, or clips onto virtually any fixture. Sets you up for success indoors, outdoors, on a field, during tee work, in a cage, off a machine, drills, on a court - ANYWHERE! Our kit provides the specialized elastic equipment with accessories that gear your arms, leg, glutes, shoulder, & abs up for success!
  • BUILT TO BE THE BEST: Replaces the everyday theraband & tees your performance up for easy storage, quick access, & specialized results! At the gym, at home during net play sports, on a diamond, near a court, or during your strength, fitness, or weight training lift - you can use these for physical therapy, warm up, cool down, or weighted excersize training! Fits in a bag pocket and improves your overall body, arm, & shoulder health!
  • PROGRAMMING & TUTORIALS INCLUDED: We don't just give you a band system, but provide over 100 different tutorials, how to videos, drills, workout exercises, & also a lifting programming! Speed up the radar gun, recovery faster, and power the ball further with our system!