Brand : Webby

Webby Agility Trainer %u2013 Circle Speed and Agility Ladder for High Intensity Footwork Drills and Skills %u2013 A Circular Piece of Training Equipment That Changes The Way You Move

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BRAND : Webby

COLOR : Black and Yellow

MANUFACTURER : Dayline Innovations Inc


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 19.57 x 17.72 x 2.09 inches

WEIGHT : 0.45 Kilograms

  • THE WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY CIRCULAR AGILITY LADDER - Sport is angular not linear. The Webby allows athletes to take their game to the next level by reprogramming the body to move more effectively, efficiently and powerfully at all angles.
  • SELF ERECTS AND HOLDS ITS SHAPE - Our patented design allows athletes to set the Webby up in seconds and it never bunches or changes shape reducing down time during drills.
  • NO MESS AND EASY TO STORE - Never untangle your agility ladder again, the Webby folds up neatly from a 6' circle down to an 18" circle and comes with a convenient storage back to pack away neatly between sessions.
  • DESIGNED AND PATENTED BY UFC FIGHTER JASON "DOOMS" DAY - Designed by a professional athlete who was frustrated with the limitations of traditional ladders. Our mission is to help athletes change the way the move and to realize their full potential in competition.
  • THE LAST AGILITY LADDER YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO BUY - The Webby is the most diverse agility ladder on the market today. Athletes can train traditional agility drills as well as endless options to retrain the body to move at angles.